Coloured front doors are a great way to liven up the entranceway to your home. Unsure which colour is right for you? Here is a list of our top 10 recommendations for front door colours, which are bound to inspire you.

1. Light Grey front door

Solidor Ludlow composite door in light grey

Light Grey is a soft, pleasant colour to transform a front door, which is incredibly popular at the moment. This is likely because of the sophisticated, modern feel that it brings to the front of the home. You may also see this on-trend colour advertised as Silver Grey like it is within the Veka Windows Brochure.

2. Black composite door

Black composite door

Some may describe a black door as gothic and dull, however, the colour black actually indicates a refined, cultured home which is incredibly easy to match with any style of property, making this very versatile for any style of home.

3. Chartwell Green front door

Composite front door in Chartwell Green

Although more subtle than the usual traditional greens, Chartwell Green is an incredibly popular, sophisticated shade, creating an ideal image for period homes and country cottages. The calming green tones are traditional and give that welcoming feel.

4. Golden Oak composite front door

Golden Oak composite door

A Golden Oak finish truly never goes out of style. With a complementary woodgrain texture giving this composite door a rustic look that perfectly complements any traditional surrounding, you cannot go wrong.

5. Navy front door

Composite front door in Navy

According to papermakers G.F Smith, Navy blue is the most relaxing colour in the world. So, if you’re looking to evoke a feeling of serenity amongst those entering and exiting your home, there simply isn’t a more tranquil shade available.

6. White front door

White composite front door

The colour White is essentially a blank canvas, meaning a front door painted in such a colour can fit in nicely, no matter the location. As the lightest colour, it’s also an excellent way to brighten up the front of your property for a clean, fresh feel.

7. Aubergine composite door

Aubergine Red composite door

This eye-catching purple aubergine really brings an incredibly vibrant feel to the house, especially because of the way it beautifully contrasts with the white frame and dark ancillaries.

8. Green front door

Green composite door

As Green is a regal colour, there are no doubts over its ability to create a sophisticated looking home. Because green is also associated with nature, however, it’s also a great way to complement any plants & flowers on the outside of your property.

9. Anthracite Grey composite door

Anthracite grey composite door installation

Although slightly less popular than it was a few years ago, Anthracite Grey is still an incredibly common choice for homeowners. And why wouldn’t it be? It combines more earthy undertones than typical greys with shades of blue and green, resulting in a stunning colour that really comes to life in natural sunlight.

10. Red front door

Red composite door

For a front door that absolutely bursts with life, it’s difficult to find a better colour than a rich red. So, if you want your home to stand out in the neighbourhood, you can’t go wrong with red.

Composite front doors available in any RAL colour

From the subtlest shades to the brightest hues, here at Great Harwood Windows, we can match any selected RAL colour to our front doors, so it’s easy for us to create the look you’re after. You can also choose from either composite or stable doors, depending on your preferences for the door’s style.

For more information or to discuss additional colour options, feel free to give us a call on 01254 690009 or contact us online.