From the subtlest shades to the brightest hues, here at Great Harwood Windows we can match any selected RAL colour to our UPVC and aluminium window frames or doors to help create a look that suits you.

For those who don’t want to put up with the maintenance of wooden windows, we also offer quality traditional woodgrain foils that provide a seamless and stylish effect for those with period homes trying to create the style.

So, if you’re struggling to make a decision, here are our top 10 popular coloured window replacement finishes sure to add kerb appeal no matter the style or location.

Anthracite Grey UPVC Woodgrain Windows

Anthracite Grey is a common choice for many homeowners with greys becoming increasingly more popular as it is a neutral colour that can balance out a colour scheme by accentuating key features. Perfect for contemporary homes, it can make the window frame ‘disappear’ into the glass – resulting in a smooth and sleek appearance.

White UPVC Woodgrain Windows

We offer traditional white windows frames as well. Where many see them bland, they’re particularly useful for creating a subtle effect, allowing more attention to be focused on unique architectural features that make your home stand out. White is a very traditional shade that will match with any property style including: Victorian, Spanish and modern 20th century architecture and will allow light to reflect into the interior much more effectively than darker hues.

Black UPVC Woodgrain Windows

Black windows have experienced an increase in popularity over the past few years and are seen as a sophisticated touch when applied to properties. They’re actually a classic window frame colour option which is a  versatile colour that can be incorporated with any style of home, whether that be a new build or a Victorian period property. Many of our customers gravitate towards our residence 7 collection when selecting black frames for their classically flush window appearance that delivers a unique wooden elegance.

Rosewood UPVC Woodgrain Windows

Brown window frames have been the most common colour of the past. Imitating wood, it reflects a traditional home and Rosewood is no exception. Striking dark hues work well against lighter coloured properties, such as sandstone properties. But the beauty of rosewood is that it’s not limited to just one property style, it can enhance modern style homes and can really compliment greys and darker hues that may be on your doors or guttering.

Rosewood UPVC casement bay window

Pebble Grey Windows

Typically grown in contemporary properties, over the years, Pebble Grey is a notorious combination of pale and deep tones combined to create an airy feel that also creates an impact within North-western homes. Often paired with white, to create an striking, classic, elegant effect; pebble grey is a versatile colour that can be used anywhere on the interior skirting,  door frames or exterior guttering When used on window frames, Pebble grey often showcases external views, providing a dramatic look to any property.

Light Oak Wood Windows

Another popular choice when recreating the brighter, airier Light Oak. Light Oak is much more suited to traditionally styled households; especially those with flush sash windows or even bay windows as this creates a feature piece that is much more prominent. Light Oak windows are a timeless classic that continues to grow in popularity with our most discerning customers.

Oak effect residence collection window on brick wall

Agate Grey Windows

It’s easy to see why this fashionable light toned grey has overtaken Anthracite Grey in the popularity stakes. An ideal choice for aluminium window frames, Agate Grey is lighter than most other greys and accommodates modern properties very well. A very balanced colour that can be integrated into many property styles including, heritage properties; where you could use our dual colour system to allow your interior décor to not be spoilt for example you could try the Agate Grey on the exterior combined with light oak on the interior to match wooden effects, or even white to provide a lighter space and keep an open plan feeling to the property. In addition, if you did have any Anthracite Grey inside you could do a two tone dual colour with both greys to provide a subtle difference.

Basalt Grey Windows

Another popular choice for aluminium frames, Basalt Grey is much darker than a balancing Battleship Grey. Aluminium frames are a lot slimmer than UPVC and wooden window frames, so combining ultra-slim frames with this subdued shade of grey often results in a smooth, flat appearance that enhances uninterrupted Lancashire views.

Tranquil Chartwell Green Windows

Chartwell Green is seen more and more these days; becoming increasingly popular. We’ve noticed more customers in rural settings such as Ribchester and Whalley choosing Chartwell Green to accentuate their sliding sash windows in their village properties.. Much more subtle than your standard green, this shade often implies tranquillity and nature, creating an instant welcome feeling. With many homeowners now choosing to match their front door with this Chartwell Green window replacement as when combined, it creates that natural feeling.


Charming Cream Windows

Although cream isn’t as popular as it once was, it still is a common choice for homeowners; often paired with older properties with period features such as stone windowsills. Cream often denotes serenity and is a perfect choice to refreshen your window frames. Cream is a timeless colour that can highlight a window unit, creating contrast and instantly bringing life and adding kerb appeal.

Cream UPVC vertical sliding window

Specialist Window Colour Finishes

We’re often asked what the difference is between high gloss finishes and matt finishes.

  • A high gloss finish can make a frame darker and more distinct.
  • A matt finish will make the frame appear lighter and more subtle.

Find your ideal window colour with Great Harwood

As accredited VEKA installers, the quality of our products shines through the comprehensive 10 year guarantee* available on all our window installations for customers across Lancashire. For more information on additional colour options, don’t hesitate to contact our highly qualified team who will be more than happy to provide a no obligation quote.

*applies to frames only – see terms and conditions for further details

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