hup! designs for your home

Designing with hup! couldn’t be easier. Simply select the type of extension you desire (conservatory, orangery, traditional). Choose your preferred windows and doors. Select your roof of choice. And complete your extension design with your favourite wall finish.
hup! is not just for new build extensions, it can also be used to transform an existing conservatory into a high performing extended living area or to create a stand alone garden room. To find out more, download the hup! brochure today.

HUP Interior

Features and benefits of hup! extensions

Whether you want to build a brand new conservatory, orangery or garden room or transform an existing structure, hup! is an excellent choice. High performing and fully customisable, hup! extensions are the innovative technology transforming the home extension industry.

Complete customisation

Choose from a vaulted, sloped, or flat ceiling. Select your preferred windows and doors. And complete your hup! design with your favourite wall covering and optional skylights.

Optimised thermal performance

A rated energy efficiency to keep your home interior warm and cost effective. Lower emissions, zero waste materials, and a significantly improved standard of living.

Super fast construction time

Hassle free simple installation. Using rapid connection technology, your hup! extension can be built in any weather. Reduce your build time by months with hup!

Premium quality finish

Made to measure components for a perfect finish with every installation. Only the highest quality materials designed and engineered using the latest technology.

Environmentally friendly construction

Zero production and on-site waste. Compatible with existing foundations. 60% more efficient to manufacture than a traditional brick built extension.

Professional design and build

Full professional project management service. From initial design through installation and after sales, you’re in safe hands. Reliable schedules and accurate quotations.

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  • hup! extensions
  • hup! extensions

    HUP Interior

    Transform your home with a hup! extension

    hup! extensions are manufactured off site to minimise disruption to your home routine and can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes to build a traditional extension. BBA accredited, with a hup! extension you are guaranteed the highest quality finish every time.

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