The centrepiece of your new flat roof extension, a roof lantern, or a flat rooflight is a striking architectural feature that allows a flood of natural light into your home. Constructed from a number of panes of glass that are combined to create a pyramid, box, or flat rooflight that raises from the roof, these beautiful features have actually been popular since Victorian times, as roof lanterns were used to bring light to dark stairwells. However, as construction technology has developed, roof lanterns are now also available in sleek and contemporary forms and can be designed to suit your home’s character and your personal taste.

Though aesthetics are important when it comes to choosing a new rooflight there are also other essential factors to consider, factors homeowners tend to forget about! So, here are 3 top tips for choosing a stunning new rooflight that will perfectly enhance your home…


1. Ensure your new roof lantern is thermally efficient

As rooflights are made from large panes of glass, it is vital that you invest in one that has particularly low U-vales. A U-value is the rate of transfer of heat through a structure, the better insulated a structure is, the lower the U-value will be. Ensuring your new roof lantern has high-performance thermal properties will make sure that your home doesn’t become cold and uninviting. We provide rooflights engineered by Kornich’s – a lantern revolution that is exceedingly quick to install and excels in terms of energy efficiency; with thermally broken profiles the profiles boast extremely low U-values.

Interior lantern roof

2. Think about where the rooflight will be positioned

Where you position your rooflight is completely up to you. However, think carefully about your layout. Do you want to have a dramatic feature over your kitchen island? Or do you want to be able to create a focal point of your dining table? Another factor to consider is which way the room faces. Ask yourself, what position will the roof lantern get the most daylight? Although the great thing about our roof lanterns is that they can cast light from a wider angle than flat roof lights, even north-facing rooms will benefit from their room-brightening effects.

3. Design your rooflight to enhance the size of your space

When it comes to rooflights, size definitely matters! If your rooflight is too large, it could end up looking out of proportion, too small and it may look out of place. Here at Great Harwood Windows, our double-glazing experts can guide you through the design process and recommend the perfect size to suit your space and requirements.

Kitchen lantern roof

Sleek aluminium rooflights for homes in Lancashire

If you struggle in your property to make the most of light and space, our rooflights are just the solution! For more information, get in touch today or call us on 01254 690009. We can provide you with a quotation via email with a few simple details.

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