Red composite door installationComposite doors do cost more than UPVC entrance doors. However, their performance is considerably better which justifies the higher pricing and here’s why…

Leading thermal performance

Timber and UPVC doors are both good options for making homes more energy efficient. However, neither of these have the same thermal performance as a composite. We supply composite door brands such as Solidor and Door Stop, which feature a dense timber core and five chamber profiles, which trap and retain heat. This makes them some of the most energy efficient doors on the market. With increased energy efficiency contributing to reduced heating bills, it makes good financial sense long term to increase your investment in your doors.

Good looks of timber without the extra maintenance

One of the reasons why timber doors are popular with homeowners is their appearance; timber is naturally textured and can be stained in rich colours, which look fantastic. However, composite doors are fitted with a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) skin that is designed to replicate the look of timber down to the finest detail. Resulting, in an appearance that looks just as good as real timber and they are available in a fabulous range of colours too.

In order to prevent timber from rotting and the colour from fading, it needs regular cleaning, maintenance and re-painting. The GRP skin on composite doors, however, will never rot so retreating it is not required. Composite doors are really easy to clean too!

Higher levels of security than other types of door

High levels of security are a must for any entrance door and simply put, composite doors are much more secure. They are fitted with multi-point locks as standard and are reinforced by high-density cores. Also, the Solidor and Door-Stop composites that we supply are available with Ultion locking cylinders, which prevent entry even if snapped twice. Both can also be upgraded to meet Secured by Design specification so you know the security they provide is truly remarkable.

Built to last

The lifetime expectancy of UPVC doors is only around 20 years. Composite doors, on the other hand, are expected to last for up to 35 years, which is almost twice as long! Therefore, they constitute considerably better value for money in the long run.

Factors that affect composite doors prices

All our composite doors are bespoke to each customer and made to measure. The price can vary based on the property and the choices you make when selecting your new door. Factors affecting their cost include:

  • The style of the door
  • The glass choice for the door and the glass design
  • The door furniture e.g. handles, spyholes, letterplates, etc.
  • The size of the door
  • Any sidelights or toplights
  • The colour choice of the door – some special colours can change the price

Once all these options have been selected, a final price for the door can be calculated.
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