With winter just around the corner it could be worth checking your windows, especially with the rising electricity bills in place. On average, UPVC windows last between 10 and 20 years, however, double glazing (especially older models) could need replacing, and they have a huge impact on the energy efficiency in your home.

Aluminium windows and doors, on the other hand, can  last considerably longer than UPVC; so, if you’re looking for longevity on your investment aluminium glazing could be for you!

Read on for our best top tips and warning signs that your windows need replacing.

Energy bills on the rise? Or perhaps you’re feeling a draught

The attention is in the detail, and this is particularly true if you have noticed your energy bills increasing as the months go by. This could be an indication that heat is escaping through your windows and your heating system is constantly playing catch up to keep your home at an optimum temperature. One quick way to test this theory is to go around your house and put your hand near each window and feel for a draught!

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Windows difficult to open? Replacement windows in Blackburn

If you’ve noticed your window is difficult to open, then it’s time to consider a replacement. One common reason, especially true for UPVC windows, is that in hot weather frames can expand and warp. When it cools it will contract again but following several years of continuous change this will change the shape of the frame forever, meaning the window will no longer fit properly.

If you’ve had your UPVC window and door frames repainted after installation the paintwork may be a reason the product is sticking.


Keep an eye out for leaking windows

Our last top tip that doesn’t require any expertise is to simply look at your windows. A valuable source of natural light into your property, if things are starting to seem a bit murkier on the inside, it’s worth inspecting your windows to see if there is any moisture build up. This moisture will end up trapped in between the panes of glass and can’t be removed and will continuously block vision and eventually grow mould.

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In this instance, its more cost effective to replace the windows than to try and fix the issue, as the problem is likely down to either the seals breaking down, an incorrect installation the first time, or just old age! You can rest assured with any installation from Great Harwood, we provide comprehensive guarantees and we are  fully accredited for supply and installation.

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