Property and home security is often cited as one of the most important reason for carrying out a door replacement project. Property owners want to feel security in their buildings and homes, and with a new door from Great Harwood Windows, you’ll have the peace of mind that your home, commercial building, belongings and loved ones are safe from any attempts at forced entry.

Entrance door security features

A black front door.
Your entrance door is the first place that any would be burglars will attempt to gain entry Therefore, it should be as strong and secure as possible to ensure that your property is protected. To do this, all our doors incorporate a range of security features into their design including:

  • Multi-point locking systems as standard
  • Super strong locking cylinders
  • Automatic lock upgrade
  • Robust hardware options
  • Triangulated deadbolt locks
  • Solid timber or robust foam core

All these features combine to create a range of entrance doors that will repel even the most sustained attempts at forced entry.

Window security for a safer home

Interior view of a classic white framed window with Georgian bars, showcasing a view of lush greenery outside, complemented by soft, natural light.
Alongside your entrance door, your windows are also a potential weak point for intruders. With new windows from Great Harwood Windows, however, you can rest assured that your home is as safe and secure as possible thanks to their outstanding security standards. When it comes to window security, with Great Harwood Windows, you can expect:

  • Key operated locks
  • Optional toughened glass
  • Internal beading
  • Window restrictors and sash stops
  • Super secure double and triple glazing

With all our windows, you also get a high-quality professional installation every time. Professionally installed products are far less likely to create a weak point for burglars and working with skilled and experienced installers will help to significantly improve your home security standards.

Alongside our windows and entrance doors, we also ensure only the best security standards on all our glazing products such as patio doors, conservatories, and garden rooms. If you’d like to find out more about maximizing your home security with help from Great Harwood Windows call 01254 690 009 or e-mail

At Great Harwood Windows we offer a range of products across UPVC, aluminium and composite profiles from the industries premium brands.

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