Brick house with solid roof and garageWith the sometimes seemingly relentless nature of the rain in England, it’s been necessary to find ways to protect the country’s inhabitants from downpours. Porch canopies are a method for providing rain protection, however their elegant appearance means they benefit properties with a stylish focal point too. If you’ve ever wondered if the time has come to replace yours, you may want to consider these four reasons.

1. You’re looking to add value to your home

Maximising kerbside appeal is a good way to add value to a home and due to their location at the front of a property, porch canopies play a key role in this. In fact, a dilapidated porch, or one that clashes with the style of the property, can even lower the value of the home. Cleaning it and performing some repairs can go some way to restoring the look of an old porch canopy. However, a brand new one is likely to boost visual appeal more. Plus, if the porches’ style doesn’t match the home, any repair work will be in vain.

2. Dissatisfied with its appearance

Perhaps the supporting struts have weathered away, most of the tiles are missing or its style is simply no longer to your taste. Whatever your reasons, if you’re unsatisfied with the way your porch canopy appears, it’s time for a replacement.

3. Parts have rotted away

Porch canopies constructed from timber can suffer from rot, particularly if they are very old. Rot can occur in a variety of places, however if the roofing is compromised in some way, water can make its way onto the wooden areas underneath. If exposed to moisture for too long, wood will eventually rot away. In severe cases, the structural integrity of the porch may be compromised, meaning a replacement is necessary. Here at Great Harwood Windows, our porch canopies are constructed from UPVC, which is much more resistant to weathering, meaning they will look better for longer.

4. The porch is suffering from leaks

If water is seeping right through a porch canopy, this means they are failing to perform their most basic function. It might be possible to repair minor leaks, depending on what’s causing it. However, major leaks are a good indicator that a replacement is required.

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Great Harwood Windows – suppliers and installers of high-quality porch canopies

If a replacement porch canopy is required, Great Harwood Windows can either supply the materials or install one. Features of our porch canopies include:

  • 10-year insurance backed guarantee
  • Various styles, including flat, low pitch and slope canopies
  • Constructed from low-maintenance UPVC for long-lasting weather protection
  • Building Regulations compliant

We also offer impartial project advice, helping any installers looking to perform the work themselves get the best out of their installation work.

Great Harwood Windows is a specialist installer and supplier of bespoke home-improvement products. For more information, call us on 01254 690009 or contact us online. Or, for a look at our products, why not browse our website.

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