Both bay and bow windows are a popular solution for homeowners looking to enhance their home’s visual appeal. And whilst they certainly look similar, they differ in a number of important ways. Knowing the differences is important for determining the best option for you. So to inform you about their differences, and similarities, we’ve created this short blog.

Bow windows

White UPVC Bow window installation

  • Bow windows extend beyond the exterior wall in an arch of four, five or six windows.
  • They are curved, usually at an angle of 10 degrees or less, creating a rounded external appearance.
  • Many feel they are more suited to traditionally styled homes, due to the semi-circular outer structure.
  • Bow windows can be wrapped around the corner of a building, allowing inhabitants to experience views from two sides of the home.

Bay windows

upvc bay window

  • Bay windows are a combination of three or more windows that angle out beyond the exterior wall.
  • They usually feature a picture window in the middle with two windows, often smaller, on either side.
  • The windows are available in a range of angled projections.
  • As they use angular lines and flat frames, many consider their style better suited to contemporary homes.

Key differences and similarities

  • Both open up a room, allowing in plenty of light, making it feel more spacious. Although, bow windows feature more glass, therefore allow in more light.
  • Either type provides homes with a stylish focal point.
  • Both are flexible in the types of windows that can be used on them. For example, casement and vertically sliding window styles are suitable for use.
  • Bay windows protrude out further, adding more interior floor space. This space can be used to house a storage or seating bench. However, this is possible with bow windows too.
  • As they tend to use more panels, bow windows are usually wider.
  • Either window type is available in a range of high-quality colour finishes, meaning they can be adapted to suit a range of properties.
  • Due to their more complex installation and the higher number of panels, bow windows usually cost more than bay ones.

Bow & bay windows installed throughout Lancashire

Great Harwood supplies and installs either window type in profiles constructed from either UPVC or aluminium. Regardless of material, both are renowned for an exceptional thermal and security performance.

  • UPVC profiles: Veka, Liniar
  • Aluminium profiles: Alufold, Smart

If you’re an installer or homeowner and require either window type for your next project, get in touch today. We’re available to call on 01254 690009 or you can contact us online.

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