Slim, minimalist window and doors have been a design interest for architects and developers as far back as we can remember. Complementing traditional and contemporary buildings alike, slender windows and doors achieve a highly desirable look, whilst delivering the additional light, space and fresh air that many homeowners crave.

What is Crittall™ style?

First manufactured in the UK in 1889, ‘Crittall™’ is a brand name synonymous with high quality steel-framed windows and doors. Used on the Titanic, in the Houses of Parliament, and most recently in The Gate leisure complex in Newcastle, it’s clear that this versatile glazing style can enhance both heritage and contemporary styled buildings with ease. Incorporating their signature, slender horizontal frames and swathes of crystal-clear glazing, this gorgeous geometric window and door style is rooted in the Art Deco and Modernist movements of the 1920s and 1930s – simple, clean, and streamlined.

Often used in homeware advertising, have you spotted the Crittall™ style windows that feature in the latest ‘Lion Man’ IKEA advert? Encouraging people to think differently about their homes and ‘Conquer the Great Indoors’, this is the perfect example of how Crittall™ style windows can unlock the endless possibilities that lie within homes throughout Lancashire.

What is an effective Crittall™ style alternative?


Whether it’s replacing old steel windows or replicating their timeless, pencil-thin sightlines in newer developments, ultra-slim aluminium windows, doors and partitions are emerging as an affordable, lightweight alternative for savvy, style-conscious homeowners, as well commercial entities.

Amongst the many benefits of architectural aluminium windows and doors, and considering the UK’s building stock remains one of the most inefficient in Europe, creating energy efficient buildings is at the forefront of modern British architectural design and refurbishment. Offering low U-values and increased energy efficiency, our thermally broken aluminium systems deliver improved thermal insulation whilst remaining stable in a variety of temperatures. The high performance systems we offer feature an innovative polyamide thermal break as standard.

Over a hundred years ago since their first use, black metal steel grid Crittall™ style windows, doors and dividers have made real a comeback, particularly within residential projects. Providing perfect panoramic views in virtually any setting, there are many reasons to choose alluring aluminium systems over traditional steel systems. These include:

  • Steel frames can cost more than double the price of slimline aluminium frames
  • Aluminium is much more flexible, making it the ideal material for creating unique window and door shapes
  • Approved in listed buildings and conservation areas
  • Designed to the highest UK security and safety standards
  • Infinite colour options and many finishes to create a specific aesthetic
  • Quick turnaround times, in both manufacturing and installation
  • User-friendly aluminium is 67% lighter than steel, whereas heavy steel frames require more effort to open and shut
  • Steel frames need to be checked and maintained regularly – powder coated aluminium is very low maintenance
  • Aluminium actively resists corrosion, making it an incredibly weatherproof construction material
  • Aluminium is one of the easiest metals to recycle – it can be recycled infinitely, with no loss in quality.

Modern contemporary home in Lancashire with black double glazing windows

Admirable aluminium Crittall™ style windows & doors tailored to Lancashire homes

If you like the idea of transforming your North West home into an on-trend masterpiece at a fraction of the price and effort that steel windows and doors typically involve, have a browse through our in-depth aluminium window and door brochures or contact our team of experts today to discuss your options further.

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