Have the long, wet winter months taken their toll on your windows? Is more heat escaping than is being kept in? If so, it could be time to replace them. The benefits of replacing your existing windows are many. Not only will your home be warmer, but it will also be far more energy efficient.  Your home will also look incredibly stylish too! If you are looking for advice on whether aluminium windows are any good, then our guide is perfect for you.

Superior strength and security all year round

Aluminium double glazing windows Lancashire

The unquestionable benefit of choosing aluminium for your replacement windows, is its strength. Stronger than both UPVC and wood, aluminium is ideally suited to securely hold larger panes of glass. Meaning that you have less frame, more glass and a better view. Due to their strong nature, aluminium windows will not warp or rot. This makes them perfect for offering superior protection against the British weather. Their astonishing strength also makes them perfect for protecting your home from unwanted visitors too. Indeed, aluminium windows offer you and your home total peace of mind for many years to come.

Premium thermal and energy efficiency

If you are looking for an exceptionally energy and thermal efficient window, then aluminium windows are just that. Due to their incredibly efficient construction, aluminium windows can slow down the transfer of heat from inside your house. This means the heat stays in your home, where it is wanted! If you are looking for the ultimate glazing experience, then why not consider upgrading from double to triple glazing? Triple glazing helps to reduce outside noise, which makes it perfect if your property is near a main road.

Sleek and incredibly stylish frames

Black aluminium windows Lancashire and door on a contemporary house

If you want to achieve a truly stylish contemporary look for your home’s windows, then aluminium is the perfect material. Aluminium is frequently favoured by high-end architects, quite simply because it delivers stunning results. Aluminium is an incredibly lightweight material, that is both flexible and incredibly strong. Without any doubt, aluminium windows allow you to achieve a totally bespoke look for your home. Aluminium windows are available in a huge choice of colour options too. Indeed, our aluminium windows come with a generous number of RAL colour options and tones meaning you can create a totally bespoke look to really showcase your home.

Aluminium windows a perfect fit for any Lancashire home

With aluminium windows, you really can have them fitted, and then happily forget about them for many years to come. Indeed, all you need to do is follow the low maintenance guidelines, and your windows will stay looking as good as new.

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