Modern humans are inherently social and it it’s within our nature to remain up to date with the latest social trends alongside our peers. At Great Harwood Windows, we’re always looking for ways to stay at the forefront of the latest colour trends and while we have recently discussed our top 2022 home improvement trends, we think it’s time to pay homage to the architectural styles, colours and trends of the past that have brought us to the contemporary age.

Bold and striking Georgian shades to give your North-West entrance door an architectural feel

Taking inspiration from the Italian architect, Andrea Palladio, between 1714 and 1830, Georgian themed doors are renowned for their perfectly symmetrical shapes and ornate decorations that leave a lasting impression. Sophisticated and elegant bold colours were synonymous with Georgian doors such as vibrant reds and blues that contrast with the architecture on your property. Try using Rich Red, to reflect feelings of life, love and health that will really make your door a focal point.

You can even try the other end of the colour spectrum with, Peacock Blue, that is equally as effective yet connotes feelings of tranquillity and peacefulness that instantly promotes a calm and happy setting to you and potential guests. For a more modern twist on this Georgian effect, you could try darker hues to add a personal touch such as Midnight Grey.

red composite door

Victorian hues to provide your Greater Manchester home a classical edge

The Victorian era spanned between the reign of Queen Victoria, from 1837 to 1901. Many homes today still share this charming type of architecture prominently known for high ceilings, bay windows, red brick and of course lavish entrances with Victorian doors. Famous for being lovers of quality and stability, you can count on Victorian design to stand the test of time. Let’s not forget this was a period where people were interacting more frequently and becoming more social so first impressions meant everything; lavish doors were often paired with stained glass or sidelights to provide extra levels of detail and to flood in much need levels of natural light.

To recreate the Victorian effect on your period property we recommend using traditional colours such as Racing Green, to be a true Victorian socialite, promoting senses of wealth and prestige as was commonly associated with darker hues of Green.

brown entrance door on brick house with yellow flowers at front

Other colour choices include Golden Oak or Walnut to provide those deep shades that show off wealth alongside strength and security that also compliments the red brick work that was the fashionable architectural style of the time. Don’t forget to really recreate your Victorian effect and boost your kerb appeal, pair your Victorian door with the surrounding details such as the architrave or stained-glass porch areas to really provide that classical edge.

Get inspired by vibrant Art Deco door trends to give your Leigh home a creative touch

The Art-Deco movement is a style of architecture that excelled during the Roaring Twenties, a decade which saw widespread, global economic growth and prosperity. This style saw the infusion of functional objects with artistic touches characterised by the use of geometrical shapes, influenced heavily by Pablo Picasso’s revolutionary style of painting, Cubism.

A period in which had previously been through the very first Great World War, people around the world wanted to enjoy themselves and the creativity thrived during the 1920s. This is what encouraged the movement from dark Victorian doors to vibrant cheerful colours that embodied the modernism of this era. Key features of the Art Deco door included the movement of the letterbox higher up the door and the introduction of 3 vertical panels became more apparent, complimented with elegant brickwork on the doorstep.

We recommend pairing light and pastel colours to provide a bright and welcoming feel to a property, colour such as Brilliant Blue which is often symbolises confidence and wisdom, a positive colour to really increase the kerb appeal of any property in Blackburn. Alternatively, Tangerine Orange was associated with the Art Deco movement and provided a property with the feelings of joy, warmth and energy, a welcoming touch for the discerning homeowner attempting to make their property stand out from the rest.

Enhance the authenticity of the final design of your Art Deco Door by selecting the right door furnishings from letterboxes, knockers, handles and numbering in a stylish range of materials.

Contemporary design features to enhance your Yorkshire home

Rounding up with the 21st Century, being contemporary age of architecture that includes improvements upon existing architectural trends plus all the latest innovations and even new trends. With advanced levels of technology in comparison to the past eras, sculptures and design that previously couldn’t be made could now be conceptualised seeing the introduction of large and eccentric designs that were almost futuristic. This too had an effect on door styles at the time which brought about the use of circular, crescent and diamond, double & tripled glazed decorative panes of glass on the doors.

This creativity saw no bounds with the introduction of pull bar handles and a move away from typical timber doors to durable, customisable, and stylish UPVC, aluminium and composite doors that revolutionised the life span and lasting quality of the door market. This modern era saw numerous colour trends ranging from relaxing Duck Egg blue to the sophisticated Anthracite Grey and even the soothing Chartwell Green has seen great popularity in recent years. Which when paired with contrasting colours within the brickwork or window frames can create a stylish effect that is sure to be a head turner.

Chartwell green composite door and side panels

Elegant Composite, UPVC and Aluminium doors throughout Lancashire and Greater Manchester

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