If you’re looking to breathe new life into your old conservatory then replacing your roof is the perfect place to start. Older conservatory roofs are notorious for allowing heat to escape because they have often been fitted with polycarbonate panels which have very few insulating properties. If you have an older conservatory roof then it is likely it will be costing you more money on your energy bills and, and in turn, having an environmental impact too. It also means that you are probably all too familiar with the classic too hot in summer, too cold in winter, scenario. We’re here to provide our expert advice on how replacing your current conservatory roof with an innovative roof will benefit your family home in a number of ways.

What types of replacement roofs are available?

At GHW Windows one of the products we use are the Ultraframe replacement roof systems which are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of conservatory systems. Their selection of high-performance conservatory roofs feature an extensive range of customisation options, which allows you to create the perfect new conservatory roof for your home. We supply three different types of Ultraframe roof:

1. Ultraroof

Ultraroof’s lightweight tiled roofing system gives you an advanced roof replacement designed to seamlessly replace an existing roof without the need to change other parts of your conservatory. Easily integrated with glazing panels and offering a beautifully authentic tiled finish, the Ultraroof is one of the most advanced replacement roofs on the market.

Ultraroof means you can enjoy all the benefits of a traditional solid tiled roof, with all the advantages of strong and lightweight Ultraframe technology. You can specify your tile colour, the colour of your fascia boards, and even the ridge and capping material, so your new roof blends seamlessly with your existing home.

Explore the range of options open to you and design your own Ultraroof replacement with our innovative online software.

Ultraroof technical drawing

2. LivinRoof

The flexible design of Livinroof allows thermally efficient glass to be inserted just about anywhere into the contemporary grey insulated roof system, maximising natural light and giving a truly spectacular look. Internally, a Livinroof provides a stunning aesthetic delivering a magnificent vaulted ceiling, or if you prefer, there is an option of a suspended ceiling which allows you to continue the ceiling height from an adjoining room to create a more cosy feel.

With the ability to be built in almost any shape or size, Livinroof offers you total design flexibility. The ability to insert shaped glass into the contemporary grey panelled solid roof allows the perfect amount of light to enter your conservatory exactly where you need it most. What’s more, a Livinroof is very well insulated, giving you a room that you can use all year round.

Design your own LivinRoof replacement with the help of our online software.

Livinroof technical drawing

3. Classicroof

Classicroof technical drawing

Conservatory roof technology has come a long way in recent years. Advancements in technology mean that glass has better thermally efficient capabilities than ever before. It can even reduce sun glare and help to retain heat. Replacing your current roof with high-performance Classicroof allows a plentiful supply of natural light to come into your home whilst still keeping your room comfortable all year round and reducing heating bills.

Design your own Classicroof replacement with our online software.

Replacement roofs to suit you

For applications where light is of central importance, our Classicroofs are the ideal solution. These are available with a variety of glass types including self-cleaning and low-emissivity glass. However, when looking to maximise energy efficiency and create a space that feels more like an extension, we recommend opting for one of our tiled roofs. They offer U-values of just 0.16 W/m2k. The U-value refers to the rate of transfer of heat through a structure. The closer the U-value is to zero, the more energy efficient your conservatory roof will be. If you would like a hybrid of the two types of roofing, our LivinRoofs are the perfect combination of energy efficiency and light entry.

Each of our roof replacements is suitable for conservatories of any style, such as Victorian, Georgian, Lean-to and P-shaped. No matter what your requirements are, we have a roof replacement solution for you. For more information or to order one of our replacement conservatory roofs, call us on 01254 690009 or contact us online.

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